Friday, August 21, 2009

Implicit Association

This site contains some tests showing the research done by Harvard about rapid cognition and implicit association. Images are flashed quickly in front of you, and you're asked to reponded by associating them to certain categories. I tried the fat/thin association test. Images of fat and thin people were shown, and I had to put them into categories of good and bad. Below are my results:

Your Result
Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for Thin People compared to Fat People.
The interpretation is described as 'automatic preference for Thin People' if you responded faster when Thin faces and Good words were classified with the same key than when Fat faces and Good words were classified with the same key. Depending on the magnitude of your result, your automatic preference may be described as 'slight', 'moderate', 'strong', or 'little to no preference'.

What's important here is that the research utilizes instant rapid response to uncover one's implicit association to a particular topic. It recognizes the importance of the glimpse as opposed to gaze. If you were to take too long to complete the test, results are not given. Implicit association proves the power of the blink.

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