Sunday, August 9, 2009

Parables for the Virtual

Parables for the Virtual - Movement, Affect, Sensation
Recently I've been reading this book by Massumi. Massumi's writing is fascinating. He always starts of describing a captivating situation or study, and the analyses in his own terms. The chapter I'm reading is on movement vision. He talks about quasi corporeality, event, proprioceptive memory, visceral perception, mesoperception etc. It sounds intriguing, yet I have no idea really, what they mean. I imagine he is giving a scientific and academic analysis of the fact that the body responds faster than the brain. I imagine the book is an in depth study of perception and this idea of affect (intuition/sense/that feeling of jolt, which cannot be explained). I imagine it will be useful in my thesis when I'm talking about the moment of perception or the moment of blink (ie. glimpse). Confused? I am. I'll keep reading. Let me know your thoughts.

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